It is sometimes necessary to modify or even manufacture an instrument or tool to answer our clients needs.

As you will see in this page, NOMAK can adapt an instrument or tool to your specific needs. Click on picture to enlarge  

3 axis Tenon machine
SIKO MA23 3 axis display with MS500 reading head and MB500 magnetic strip installed on a 3 axis Tenon machine.

Measuring table
Adjustable measuring table made with the SIKO precision programmable digital display and magnetic band.

Modified caliper
Liquid and other contaminants resistant Cizor type modified Fowler Euro-Cal caliper (IP65) for testing wear.

3"X 3" Aluminium scales for a mesuring table.

REVERSED reading electronic indicator with aluminium protective box.

The digital reading permits a more precise cut on that equipment.

Digital Indicator SIKO
SIKO contaminant resistant programmable magnetic band digital read-out (Resistant to dust and other contaminants.)

For a really precise adjustment.

Fowler double colum height gage
The modification consist's of a specialy made accessory to mesure the depth of an impact in a control laboratory.

Shooting Star System (4 axes)
Installed on a Normand wood equipment.

24" Digital Caliper
Modified to take measurements on animals without hurting them.